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Working with Teachers in Nigeria

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

The Kent State team traveled to Yola, Nigeria in September to work with the team at American University of Nigeria (AUN) and our colleagues from Columbia University's Center for Sustainable Development. The goal of the trip was to train teachers using curricular tools and supplies. Our long journey began in Cleveland with a very large box, stocked with markers, crayons, math manipulatives, posters, binders, scissors, and literacy posters and cards. Our box took four flights across three continents before finally being delivered in Yola, Nigeria. 

Nigerian teachers testing out laminated pockets by filling in multiplication tables.

Upon arrival we had several meetings, campus tours, and discussions. We were able to visit classrooms at AUN, eat in the cafeteria, and meet with everyone from the Provost to the head of security. Our team worked together to finalize grant work plans and reports.  

Teachers sorting alphabet cards, and giving feedback to the research team

The most exciting part of the trip was September 24th through September 26th, when the KSU team led workshops for Nigerian teachers. It was a very productive session, that not only trained the teachers in using manipulative learning tools, but also provided co-design sessions for our research team to work with Nigerian teachers in building teacher personas, student personas, and brainstorming sessions. This will result in papers and presentations in the very near future.

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The SENSE Activity

This project in Northeast Nigeria is made possible by the support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under the Strengthening Education in Northeast Nigerian States (SENSE) Activity.

This project required considerable inputs from a wide range of people and institutions. We are grateful to USAID for the support that makes this vital project possible. USAID’s input and emphasis towards inclusive, equitable and quality education for all children in Nigeria, particularly the most vulnerable, is greatly appreciated.

Audu Liman

Chief of Party, American University of Nigeria

Radhika Iyengar, PhD

Principal Investigator, Columbia University

Marianne Martens, PhD

Principal Investigator, Kent State University

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